Monday, April 19, 2010

Virginia Fly Fishing Festival - The Aftermath

Well, the big show of the season is over. The weather was highly cooperative except for the wind but that didn't seem to bother the crowd. The turn-out was great for the 10th anniversary of the festival in Waynesboro with some 1,100 visitors on Saturday. The crowd was substantially smaller on Sunday but no less enthusiastic than the big crowd on Saturday. Steve Englund (Headed Out) came over from Blacksburg for the Saturday schedule and he was running the cash register and selling gear in a matter of minutes. We were glad that he was able to come out and enjoy the festival and hang with us for the event. We met some new friends and were able to visit with the old and a good time was had by all! I think the festival is on the right track and with a little tweeking here and there, will be the showcase fly fishing festival on the East Coast for years to come. We are honoring all the specials from the show on the website for the next week so if you were a little hesitant to get that gear from us you really wanted but were afraid to pull the trigger, come visit us at the FFB Website and partake in the goods now. Soon to have ALL HD videos on our site and then some more soon! So, be on the lookout for those new videos.